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I’ve been writing many of my thoughts on facebook status, notes and twitter for quite a while now. A good friend of mine (Val)  said I should actually get to blog… It’s revolution days now and there is so much to think about and a lot more to express and I thought maybe I take Val’s advice and start blogging, after all as Buddha said “What We Think, We Become”, so here I go, that’s A First.

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  1. Excellent idea! Will bookmark it and read with great interest – and ask loads of stupid questions that you may or may not answer 😀

  2. Miriam Zschoche

    Hey Alfred,
    thank you very much for your insights!
    It helps a lot to understand from the outside, what worries you and other egyptians!
    Hope to read more from you!

  3. Miriam Zschoche

    thank you for your insights!
    It’s very important for us not being in Egypt to understand what’s going on!!
    Hope to read more from you!

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