GUC grants GUCians a student Union


GUC student after the Jan25 revolution requested several things most importantly a Student Union that they surely deserve. The move came few years late but the Univ. is only 8 years old. Students as well demanded to overlook the budget of the Univ. – something that doesn’t even happen in public universities in Egypt – the demnd was rejected by the administration yet student union is granted the right to request spendings on certain activities or in some matters they see in the best interest of students. Another demand was that the chairman of the university Prof. Ashraf Mansour resigns forgetting that this is a private university and not a country with an elected president, in a private university chairman is chosen by the board of trustees and not by the students or the staff.

University’s response to students demands for a Student Union came in an official email to all students and staff members that read:

Dear Students,
The GUC is presenting to you the attached document that thoroughly explains the structure and the bylaws of the GUC Student Union (GUC SU). The first  elected GUC SU will exceptionally serve for 6 month (normal election term is 1 year) During this Six month period students can submit proposals to further develop its constitution to the Vice- Presidency of Student Affairs.

Below is also the calendar for all election steps.  With the help of student volunteers who will serve as co-organizers of all related processes, the university is hoping to have a smooth and ideal election process.

We trust that the elected GUC SU will serve in the development and enrichment of student life while keeping the core values of the GUC. Eventually, we hope that all of the efforts exerted – from the students and staff- help in achieving sustainability and prosperity to the GUC and our beloved country Egypt.

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