Hope Beyond June 30


Everyone I meet asks what comes after June 30? We are taking the country once again towards the unknown? Is there a clear way to start building a democratic stable state? Is there hope beyond June 30?

The answer came in a press conference few days ago where “Tamarod (Rebel)” movement proposed this initiative to include youth from different parties and movements. Its purpose is to establish a leadership capable of providing a clear political vision and a road-map for the near future in order to avoid the mistakes committed during the previous stages of the revolution.

The front asserts its advocacy of peaceful protesting and refuses the threats by the authority and its allies to terrorize the Egyptian people.

Political vision and proposed roadmap:
• The head of the constitutional court should temporarily assume the President’s functions in terms of protocol.
• A patriotic political figure representing the revolution (on condition he will not run for neither the first parliamentary nor presidential elections) will have full authority to run the  country as a prime minister.
• The prime minister will be responsible for forming a national government its priorities will be to deal with security, economy, social justice, and national reconciliation.
• The prime minister will call for the National Defense Council to exercise its role to take charge of the national security of the country.
• The current constitution should be suspended and the Shura Council (Upper house) dissolved, meanwhile a committee of constitutional scholars will draft a new constitution that will be put for a referendum. This committee will be delegated temporary legislative authority to review the necessary laws for this stage.
• This transitional period should not last for more than six months, at the end of which the presidential elections followed by parliamentary elections will be held under full judicial supervision and international monitoring.

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